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stick pack machine


Unified Flex has Multiple Stick Pack Machines to customize your solutions.


Some major advantages of stick packs over other packaging formats include their slim profile & compact nature that make them ideal to produce, stock and transport in large quantities. They are convenient for the end user because they can easily be opened & poured with little to no spillage.

Most of all they have a higher perceived value & are an ideal packaging format for trial and sampling. Unified Flex has multiple Multilane Stick Pack machines to provide customers with a unique packaging system to meet the desires of today’s consumer for single-serve, convenient portable, on-the-go products. Unified Flex’s Stick Pack Machines can swiftly package it all from powders, cannabis products to drink mixes.

Our machines can easily pack Granular, Liquids or Powders into Packs of different sizes. With various available options like tear notches, different seal patterns and more, Unified Flex’s packaging experts can guide you to the right machine & packaging material to bring your product to life. Not only will these machines significantly improve your productivity, they will greatly streamline your efficiencies.

No matter what your production output target is, Unified Flex has a solution for you. Machines range from 3 to 20 lanes whereas output can range from 90 to 800 Packs per minute. With available options like various seal patterns, tear notches, and more. Unified Flex’s Stick packaging are the right solution for your Packaging needs. You can count on Unified Flex to deliver intelligent machines, economical solutions, and dependable systems for all your packaging needs. 

These machines can be used for packaging a wide variety of products like powders, particulate materials, coffee, drink mixes, liquids or gels and more. See all markets. Have a unique packaging need? To discuss your packaging need and how Unified Flex can help you achieve the success you desire, Get a Free Consultation.

Stickpack Machines

stick pack machine


This vertical form fill seal machine (VFFS) is ideal for low to medium production volumes, up to 7 lanes of stick packs can be packed simultaneously on this machine. Ideal for packing granular products like salt, sugar and suitable for food, hotel and catering industries.

– Up to 30 bags per min.

– Bag width: 1.5″ max.

– Bag length: 5.9″ max.

– Number of Lanes: 7 max.

stick pack machine


Large volumes with a small footprint is what you can expect from this vertical form fill seal (VFFS) machine. Running at 30 cycles/min on a 21-lane setup, it is able to produce up to 840 stick packs per minute & can pack powders, granulates or liquids in quality sealed stick packs.

– Up to 30 bags per min.

– Bag width: 1.2″ max.

– Bag length: 5.9″ max.

– Number of Lanes: 21 max.

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