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The SpoutPack RS-2, Fill and Cap Machine can process two premade pouches at once based on a two filler configuration. This machine can pack viscous and free flowing liquids, even those containing particulates. Ideal for various liquid fill applications such as edible oils, dressings, sauces, drinks, juices, alternate dairy and more. Non-edible applications examples are synthetic oils, liquid soaps, paint, shampoo, lotions, liquid detergents and more. Easy integration with piston fillers makes this machine a top choice for a complete single liquid packaging solution.


SPEED: UP TO 40 BAGS/MIN. | BAG WIDTH: 8.86″ MAX. | BAG LENGTH: 12.4″ MAX | FILL VOLUME OF 100ml – 2,000ml


Spoutpack – RS02

Bag style possibilities with this machine. Click on a desired bag style to learn more.

Spouted Pouch​

 pouch filler Spoutpack – RS02

  • 15 - 20 cycles/minute/filling head, total of 2 fillers.
  • Possible speeds of up to 40 pouches/minute
  • Easy tooling changeover for various sizes of pouches
  • Easy pouch magasine load on an indexing conveyor
  • Heavy-duty rotary indexer for precise placement of pouches on every cycle
  • Automatic pick and placement of pouches in the rotary table
  • Automatic discard of empty pouch magazine
  • Set of 2 ink jet print heads for ‘best before’ date printing
  • Set of 2 independent capping heads with torque out capability
  • Stainless Steel Eject Chutes for easy pouch collection
  • Stainless Steel overall construction with continuous weld
  • 10” enclosed HMI with easy menu interface for various operations
  • Omron Motion Controller for synchronous and smooth motion
  • Off-the-Shelf non-proprietary parts
  • Set of 2 filling piston pumps with easy volume adjustments
  • Servo-controlled filling station built with single axis robotics
Standard technical dataSpoutpak RS-2
Machine height72”
Machine width180”
Machine length120”
ControlsMotion Controller
Electrical power supply220-volt , Single Phase , 30 Amps
Human machine interfaceColor Touch Screen
Air pressure90 psi
Power consumption3 kw
Fill Range100 ml to 2000 ml
Pouch Width Range3.15 Inches (80mm) -  8.86 Inches (225mm)
Pouch Length5.12 Inches (130mm) – 12.4 Inches (315mm)
  • Take away conveyor
  • Free flowing piston fillers​
  • Viscous Piston filler​
  • Gas flush

At Unified Flex we believe in empowering our customers. We use non-proprietary off the shelf parts on all our machines. Click on the link below to find out more.

Spoutpack – RS02

At Unified Flex we believe service is equally important as manufacturing high-quality equipment. We offer a wide variety of pre-delivery and post-delivery services.  Click on the link below to find out more.

Spoutpack – RS02


To learn more, click on desired markets below.

Spoutpack – RS02 Spoutpack – RS02 Spoutpack – RS02 Spoutpack – RS02


To learn more, click on the images below.

Spoutpack – RS02

Spoutpack – RS02


Simple, Robust & Precise machines

Off the shelf non proprietary parts

Turn-Key solutions

Tailored to fit your application

Manufactured in Canada

Installation & On going support

Automated bagger Specialists

Bagger experience & specialists

Quick return on the investment

Packaging film solution


We’ve been working with Al Aman and his team at Unified Flex for approximately 5 years. Unified Flex worked on all aspects of our needs to make our process better. They were willing to do what we needed to get done and delivered exactly what we wanted. Not only did Unified Flex provide us with the most economical options, they also provided an exceptional service level that we couldn’t have asked for any better. The best part was, that we got the best bang-for-our-buck. We know we could have spent many times more than what we did.  

Gaylan Little, Manager
Sqwincher Corporation
Rating: 5

While looking for a solution for our packaging requirements, Unified Flex presented themselves to be an end-to-end packaging partner, and that is exactly what we needed! Al Aman and his team provided Golden Crown Products with a full solution, from planning our manufacturing setup and providing the appropriate bagging machine, to providing design services for our brand, and supplying our packaging film for all our products. They provided invaluable training for our team and provide expert technical support and service. All we need to do is call and Unified Flex is there for us. We value our relationship with Unified Flex at the highest level and will continue to work with them for years to come.

Rafi Khuzmi
Golden Crown Products
Rating: 5

Our application was unique and challenging because it required equipment that could produce a special shaped pouch. Filling the pouches also produced challenges because of the viscosity of our product. In June 2016 Unified Flex provided us with a customized turnkey system and high-quality packaging film that fit our application perfectly. They also provided us with training and technical support to overcome each challenge that surfaced. We are impressed with the high-quality packaging film and the exceptional printing quality for our pouches that Unified Flex supply us. All-in-all a total solution that assists us in bringing a unique single serving size product to the market.

Peter Ferreira
Nuts N More
Rating: 5

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