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stick pack machine


Unified Flex has Multiple Spouted Pouch Filler and Capper Machines to customize your solutions.


At Unified Flex, Innovation meets Precision! You can explore Unified Flex leading-edge spouted pouch filling and capping machines – the optimum liquid packaging solution to streamline your operations while ensuring your process is cost-effective.

Our stainless-steel automatic spouted pouch filling and capping machines are designed to pack liquids with a wide variety of viscosities such as viscous liquids with particles to free-flowing liquids.. These machines are ideal for packing various products Like juices, sauces, dairy, baby food, purees, liquid soaps & detergents.. Easy integration with piston fillers makes this machine a top choice for a complete single-liquid packaging solution.

These machines can simultaneously undertake two or four pre-made pouches, depending on two or four filler configurations, providing a production rate of 40 or 80 pouches per minute. This ensures operations run seamlessly without compromising accuracy or quality.

To guarantee that our spouted pouch filling and capping machines operate in a smooth and synchronized motion during the filling and capping process, we have integrated Omron Motion Controllers to ensure reliability. Moreover, we have equipped our machines with an automatic “Pick-&-Replace” feature that guarantees a smooth transition of pre-made pouches on a rotary table, so you won’t have to load each spouted pouch individually to the machine.

At Unified Flex, we provide quality control, that’s why our spouted pouch filling and capping machines come equipped with pouch-detection capabilities. It identifies the absence of a pouch through a “No Pouch- No Fill mechanism” minimizing spillage.

A Spouted pouch filling and capping machine is a strategic investment to help you maintain your production output. It benefits your business by reducing the need for manual labor, leading to long-term cost reductions. The automation of a Spouted Pouch Filling and Capping Machine minimizes the risk of errors and mitigates the associated costs. In addition to this, these automated spouted pouch filling and capping machines guarantee a consistent production process with precise filling, resulting in standardized product quality that satisfies both you and your customer.

Spouted pouch filling and capping machines are engineered to meet the demands of a wide range of markets, including Skin care, Personal hygiene, Beverages, Coffee, Bulk and Food Service, Dairy, Edible Cooking Oil, Non-edible Oils, Sauces, Dressings and Condiments, Alternate Dairy, Paints and Liquid Detergents.

Spout Pouch Filling and Capping machines 

stick pack machine

Spout Pack RS-2

Are you looking for a cost-effective and reliable Spout Pack machine? This versatile automated Spouted Pouch Filling and Capping Machines with a configuration of 2 fillers can accommodate 2 pre-made pouches simultaneously at a speed of 20 cycles/min. Ideal for liquids like edible oils, dressings, alternate dairy, and non-edible liquids like synthetic oils, liquid soaps, paint, shampoo, lotions, liquid detergents, and more.

stick pack machine

Spout Pack Rs-4

This Spouted Pouch Filling and Capping Machine can accommodate 4 pre-made pouches simultaneously, by producing 80 pouches per minute at speeds of 15-20 cycles per minute. If you are looking for a fast-efficient and reliable machine, then look no further.

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