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Packaging Engineering

Package Engineering

Unified Flex has Package Engineering Services to enhance your solutions:

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Package Engineering

At Unified Flex we understand that CPG’s ( Consumer Packaged Goods ) companies are looking for flexible packaging solutions that are:

  • Consumer Friendly
  • Efficient
  • Economical

We address the needs of our customers by helping them find a balance on all 3 factors. We have developed a process to address every aspect of your flexible packaging solution, so you are aware of what you are buying and how it will perform. We call this process “ Package Engineering”.

Following are some of the aspects we explore through our Package Engineering Process:

1. Properties of the Package

This includes:

  • Package shape
  • Package material structure
  • Package material thickness
  • Size of the package
  • Volume of the package
  • Opacity of the package (with / without a display window)

2. Convenience features

This includes:

  • Is the package easy to handle?
  • Is the package easy to open?
  • Would the consumer need to reclose the package before its fully consumed?
  • Ease of access to the packaged goods
  • Reclosable options

3. Shelf Life

This includes:

  • Oxygen transmission rate analysis
  • Water vapor transmission rate analysis
  • MAP – Modified atmosphere packaging
  • Maintaining taste and color of the products

4. Package Security

This includes:

  • Seal strength analysis
  • Peel strength analysis
  • Pressure and drop test analysis

At Unified Flex Packaging Technologies, we are offering Flexible Packaging products backed by our value-added services to ensure our customers achieve the level of success they aim for.

“ Creating Partnerships in Flexible Packaging”

Packaging Engineering
Packaging Engineering
Packaging Engineering
Packaging Engineering
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