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Support Services

Unified Flex has Support Services to complete your solutions:


Equipment Installation

The Unified Flex certified Service Team consists of qualified machinists, PLC specialists and packaging specialists who have vast experience installing packaging equipment. From pre-delivery to operation, Unified Flex will be there through every step of the process to ensure your solution is performing at its optimal level.

Pre-Delivery Acceptance Test and Training

Unified Flex provides a pre-delivery acceptance test to the customer. Equipment must be run with customer supplied product and specific packaging film. This allows us to identify any unforeseen issues and resolve them prior to shipping.  Any upgrades to the equipment are much easier to perform prior to shipping, ensuring a smooth runoff on the production floor.

Production Test and Troubleshooting

Due to a limited supply of product at our facility, certain issues cannot be addressed until the product starts to flow from the manufacturing process to the packaging system. Certain attributes of a product such as temperature, moisture level, volume, shape, and dust can present unforeseen challenges and affect the flow of the equipment through the packaging system. Often, minor modifications and change of settings can rectify such obstacles quickly. Production testing and troubleshooting are extremely important to perform to smooth out any unforeseen kinks and enables the technician to fine tune the machine to match customers packaging material and product. For more information, do not hesitate to Contact Us.


Training on Equipment

At Unified Flex we put great value on education, making sure your operators know how to use the equipment effectively. Being trained on the equipment by our qualified trainers is a very important part of our process to ensure you get the right solution for your needs. The following list is a sample of our training options and you can tailor these to meet the requirements of your staff.

  • Pre-production due-diligence by operators
  • Post production due-diligence by operators
  • Educating operators about each button on the machine
  • Educating operators about machine safety
  • Educating operators about setting up a SKU for production
  • Educating operators about maximizing production on the equipment
  • Educating operators and maintenance staff to maintain the quality of the package
  • Educating operators on setting up batch/date codes
  • Educating operators to maintain the efficiency of the system
  • Educating maintenance staff on preventive maintenance
  • Educating maintenance staff on troubleshooting and repairs

Maybe you have a new hire, or maybe you just want your staff to have a refresher, you can count on Unified Flex to provide training services that will streamline your proficiencies.


Support over the phone

Many issues that arise during production and during the lifetime of a packaging system can be resolved over the phone. Insight, guidance, and know-how is required by the maintenance staff or the operators of the machines to fix such issues in minutes. This saves valuable time and money for you, our customer. Unified Flex provides phone support free-of-cost to help you get your production back up quickly. With the advancement in mobile technology, pictures and videos can be sent instantly to us and the problem can be resolved quickly saving thousands of dollars in unwanted travel costs. We are available 9am – 5pm, Monday through Friday and only a phone call away. 1-866-369-4181

Support over the Internet

With the advancement of Technology, most machines are capable of connecting to the internet and the controllers of the machines can be accessed by Unified Flex over the internet. This is helpful if a major break down occurs on the machine and Unified Flex can log in to the controller to identify the issues. This method can also be helpful if a change must be made to the logic of the packaging system.


Service Calls

Unified Flex has certified technical/mechanical service specialists who can service your equipment. We are available 9am – 5pm, Monday through Friday and only a phone call away. 1-866-369-4181


Preventative Maintenance

Preventive maintenance is recommended to ensure that the system is kept at optimal levels avoiding downtime during production. Wear and tear parts of a machine should be replaced periodically to ensure the equipment performs at optimal levels.  A Unified Flex technician can perform scheduled preventive maintenance inspections and part replacements.

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