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Prototype Model

Unified Flex has Package Prototype Model Services to enhance your solutions:

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Prototype Model

At Unified Flex we want you to feel confident the package design we offer will fulfill both your packaging and marketing needs.

We will manually create a prototype bag to ensure it meets all size, weight and volume considerations. A physical prototype allows you to see and feel the product in its packaged form.

When graphic design is required, we not only provide you with full-colour hardcopy but we digitally moc up the design that you might see how it would look as a finished bag. This version gives a better sense of the finished design and its self-appeal. If desired, these high-resolution renderings are made available to our clients for their print and/or digital marketing needs.

So, put your trust with Unified Flex Packaging Technologies like so many other consumer-packaged goods companies have in the past.  Our goal is to develop a long-term relationship with your company and grow our business alongside yours.

You will always be backed with collaborative support from our technical experts throughout every step of the process.

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