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Open a limitless set of possibilities while saving cost and time by printing directly onto flexible packaging. Our printers help businesses reduce their time-to-market, waste & inventory. Unified Flex Packaging Technologies has a complete line of high-performance, cost-effective printers for your product’s needs. From simple date and lot coding to complete roll stock printing, we have a printer that’s right for you.

Our FlexPackPRO thermal transfer overprinters (TTO Printers) are perfect for printing variable date codes, barcodes, text and graphics on flexible packaging film, labels, pouches, sheets, card stock and other materials. These thermal transfer overprinters (TTO Printers) integrate easily with new or pre-existing packaging lines and offer unmatched reliability.

Moreover, our PouchMark® pouch printing solutions offer an all-in-one, turn-key system designed specifically to print variable data directly on to pre-formed pouches, bags, and sachets. These table-top systems feature a range of integrated feeder systems to accommodate nearly any pouch, including gusseted or zipper bags.


Lastly if you’re looking for complete flexibility in your printing solution then our Afinia FP-230 can help you produce flexible packaging on demand. Just design and print laminated rollstock for your VFFS machines whenever you want. FP-230 lets you print and laminate your own high-quality, full-color flexible packaging with ease. Take advantage of these benefits with Unified Flex’s flexible packaging printing solutions and select the right printer for you.


FlexPackPRO Series

TTO printer

FlexPackPRO 130 Series

Small, economical, high-performance 32mm TTO printers (1.3”) for traditional date and lot coding on flexible packaging and labels.
Perfect for small packaging machines and
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• 32mm (1.3”) wide, 300dpi Printhead
• Continuous & Intermittent Motion
• Perfect for “small footprint” expiration dates & lot codes
• Economical digital upgrade from hot stamp printers and roller coders
• Recommended for packaging machines

TTO printer

FlexPackPRO 210 Series

Among the most popular TTO printers on the market, FlexPackPRO® 210 Series coders provide high-resolution barcodes, date codes, text and graphics in virtually any packaging and labeling environment.
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• 53mm (2.1”) wide, 300dpi Printhead
• Continuous & Intermittent Motion
• Highest-speed performance for heavy volume applications
• Superior, cost-effective replacement for other brands of 53mm TTO
• Broadest variety of models, from entry level to industrial

TTO printer

FlexPackPRO 420 Series

For those applications requiring larger format codes, text and graphics, there is no better combination of performance and value than these outstanding 4.2” wide Thermal Transfer Over printers (TTO printers).
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• 107mm (4.2”) wide, 300dpi Printhead
• Continuous & Intermittent Motion
• Print larger combinations of codes, logos, text and graphics
• Excellent option for prtinting variable ingredients and nutrition panels
• Up to 4.2” x 10” print area

TTO printer

FlexPackPRO 500 Series

Featuring a 5” wide, 300 dpi printhead—the 500 series models are perfect for even larger format applications, offering a print area of up to 5” x 8”!
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• 128mm (5” wide), 300dpi Printhead
• Continuous & Intermittent Motion
• Largest Available TTO Print Area (5” x 8”)
• Fit logos, barcodes, date codes, ingredients, nutrition statements and more in one template

PouchMark Series

TTO printer

PouchMark® FLOW 2000

The FLOW 2000™ prints a 7-inch-tall stack of flat pouches (or cards) at a blazing-fast speed of up to 120 packs per minute. And not just simple text or date codes – 1D, 2D and GS1 barcodes; logos and icons incremental and database-fed variable codes…all at crisp and clear 300dpi resolution.
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• Up to 180 packs per min
• Text, Date codes – 1D, 2D and GS1 barcodes
• Prints Logos and Icons as well
•300 dpi resolution

TTO printer

PouchMark® FLOW 3000

The FLOW 3000™ is the perfect solution for printing variable codes directly onto premade zippered and gusseted pouches. Print everything from nutrition panels, compliance data, logos, virtually any type of barcode and more, eliminating the need for pre-printed, hand or machine-applied labels.
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• Compatible with zippered & gusseted pouches
• Nutrition panels, compliance data, production codes, logos, text & barcode


PouchMark® Versa

Custom-print and brand your own bags, pouches and cards on-demand, without going through to the expense and trouble of buying custom-printed labels to apply by hand. Download Brochure

• Touchscreen controller
• User-friendly Windows-based software
• Multi-layered zippered or gusseted bags


TTO printer

FP-230 Flexible Packaging Press

The FP-230 has revolutionized packaging roll production. Impressively compact and easy to operate, the FP-230 lets you print and laminate your own high-quality, full-color flexible packaging with ease. Ideal for small to medium runs and high levels of varying data or design. Download Brochure

• Production speed up to 18m/minute
• Exceptional 1600dpi resolution
• EU & FDA food compliant
• Easy variable data
• No minimum order quantities


We’ve been working with Al Aman and his team at Unified Flex for approximately 5 years. Unified Flex worked on all aspects of our needs to make our process better. They were willing to do what we needed to get done and delivered exactly what we wanted. Not only did Unified Flex provide us with the most economical options, they also provided an exceptional service level that we couldn’t have asked for any better. The best part was, that we got the best bang-for-our-buck. We know we could have spent many times more than what we did.  

Gaylan Little, Manager
Sqwincher Corporation
Rating: 5

From Farm to Table has an excellent partner-relationship with Unified Flex. We bought our bagging system 10 years ago and have enjoyed working with their team ever since. With the addition of flexible packaging products, Unified Flex has really helped us improve the shelf impact of our packaging. The consistency and quality of their flexible packaging products have been excellent. Unified Flex truly offers complete solutions for flexible packaging design, materials, equipment and technical support. We are more than satisfied with our on-going partnership with Unified Flex and will continue to use them for our packaging needs.

Becky Smollett
From Farm to Table
Rating: 5

I count it a privilege to be working with Unified Flex on this project. Gleanings needs you! I need a partner who understands packaging machinery and can work with me by putting our combined knowledge together and come up with the best machine for Gleanings.

Al Gove
Gleanings for the Hungry
Rating: 5
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