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Package Compatibility

Package Compatibility

Unified Flex has Package Compatibility Consulting Services to enhance your solutions:

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Package Compatibility

At Unified Flex, we work hard to ensure that you get the right packaging solution for your products.

Having the right packaging solution means that all of the criterion of your bagging requirements are met, including compatibility between your product, the packaging machinery and the packaging film.

Whether it be snack foods, coffee, pet foods, produce, liquids or meal kits you can be sure that Unified Flex’s expertise and end-to-end consultative approach will provide the proper guidance to ensure you attain a safe, high-performance packaging solution that meets your high standards.

Meeting your high standards is at the core of what we do.

Unified Flex ensures the bag styles will be compatible with respect to the:

  • Product
  • Packaging Machinery
  • Packaging Film
package compatibility

Why is this important to consider?

The characteristics of products are very different from one to another. Here are some examples:

1. Solid products:

Solid products can be either high density or low density. If the product is low density, considerations must be made to accommodate the bag style so the product can enter the bag without bottlenecking and the expected packaging speed can be achieved. Not all bag styles fill at the same rate and same speed. Packaging films/bags need to be compatible with the equipment and certain types of protective coatings on the films can raise challenges limiting the speeds of packaging.

2. Liquids:

Some products have high viscosity and are very sticky while some are free-flowing. Sticky products can be a challenge filling in various style of bags depending on the type of machinery used. Some packaging processes require long filling nozzles while some other use short filling nozzles. Physical and chemical properties of the liquids bring certain restrictions with respect to bag style and size.

3. Powders:

Some powders are high density while others are low density. Dust is a major factor in packaging powdery products. Some low-density products do not settle right away in the bags and it can decrease the packaging speeds. Some powders may get in the cross seals of the bags, thus compromising the seal strength. Considerations have to be made to determine the correct bag style that will allow the process to run at desired speeds without compromising seal quality.

You will always be backed by the collaborative support from our technical experts throughout every step of the process.

Package Compatibility
Package Compatibility
Package Compatibility
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