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Multilane Stick Pack Machine Gaining Traction in the Nutraceutical Industry

Our Multilane Stick Pack Machine Is Gaining Traction in the Nutraceutical Industry!

Did you know that the current global nutraceutical market is worth a staggering USD 352.92 billion? As awareness regarding health and nutrition increases, these numbers are expected to double in the next five years. With the nutraceutical packaging industry currently growing at a CAGR of 4.8%, it’s fair to say that more companies will look into the benefits of nutraceutical packaging machinery in the future.

The Nutraceutical Packaging Machinery That Benefits Your Business

For years, local and international businesses in the nutraceutical industry have relied on Unified Flex’s Multilane Stick Pack Machine with Auger Fillers. This Vertical Form Fill Seal (VFFS) packaging machinery is designed to add efficiency to your packaging process while reducing costs and amplifying production speeds to meet increasing market demands.

What Sets Our Multilane Stick Pack Machine Apart?

This packaging machine is perfect for small and medium-sized businesses with low-to-medium production volumes. It can run up to 30 cycles per minute, producing 150 stick packs per minute while operating on a 5-lane machine. You can also customize the number of lanes based on your demand and production volume.

The following are a few key features of this packaging machine.

  • This packaging machine can create sticks with a max size of 1.2 x 7 inches (W x L)
  • It uses draw bar technology for fast speeds.
  • It has pneumatic film locking for a constant clamping pressure
  • It is easy to use, and easy to operate. With off the shelf parts, you can quickly replace wear and tear components in minutes.
  • You get PLC controlled functionality for increased flexibility in operating the automation system.
  • Simple design and give you a precise, compact and robust machine.
  • Fast ROI (Return On Investment)
  • You get a complete production line packaging solution, Auger Filler, stick pack machine, and take away conveyor.
  • You have access to our “Customer Portal” to engage with our technicians and raise service requests when needed and the relevant technician will respond to your request right away.
  • We provide regular and timely updates during the build process to keep you well informed.
  • We operate and test the machine with your product, and with the rollstock film you will use for
  • your packaging to ensure compatibility and workmanship.
  • Last but not least, we invite you to our Factory Approval Testing to see the machine in operation packaging your product and you sign-off before it ships to your site.

What More Do You Get?

Our Multilane Stick Pack Machine with Auger Filler comes with optional features as well to help your business gain a competitive edge.

Multilane Inkjet Printer

Adding a multilane inkjet printer to your machine will enable you to produce high-resolution lot codes, expiration dates, and barcodes right onto the stick packs during production. Thermal transfer printing also improves the quality of printing, reducing fade. It also takes less than half the time to print text and labels as opposed to other methods. You will not need to invest time, labor resources and money into labeling the important facts of production.

Take Away Conveyors

The addition of takeaway conveyors will make your packaging process more efficient. By adding a takeaway conveyor to your packaging machine will allow you to automate the process of moving finished products to the sorting table or carton/box line.

Should You Get SP-5 VFFS Packaging Machine?

Our VFFS Multilane Stick Pack Machine with Auger Filler has been popular with businesses operating in the North American nutraceutical industry. Nutraceutical companies now have a larger demand for stick packs to cater to a broader market growth in the single serve/portion pack segment. Our versatile VFFS packaging machine is designed to pack powder, liquid, or granular products, making it a popular cost-saving packaging solution among businesses producing nutraceuticals like protein powders, coffee, sugar, powder creamers, liquids, condiments and similar items.

If you’re operating in the nutraceutical industry, our VFFS Multilane Stick Pack Machine will enable your business to gain a leading edge over the competition in the following ways:

  • Producing high quality stick packs
  • Meeting maximum production efficiency with up to 150 sticks per minute with a 5-lane machine.
  • Eliminate your downtime and increase your production.
  • Use a variety of films including easy-tear roll stock film giving a smooth tear-ability to the stick packs when consumers use it.
  • The 9.25-inch web width allows for a 5-lane setup, allowing you to increase output and minimize delays.
  • Our VFFS Stick Pack machine dimensions (H x W x L – 79” X 37” x 55”) take less floor space on the production floor.

Want to learn more about our Multilane Stick Pack Machine for the nutraceutical industry? Call us now at 1-866-369-4181 to speak to our experts.

You can also book a free consultation here for a full and complete 3D walk-around of the machine.

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