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Multilane Sachet Bagger 406mm​

Multilane Sachet Bagger - 406mm​


The Multilane Sachet Bagger – 406mm is designed to be a modular and flexible automatic vertical form fill seal (VFFS) machine with a clean and simple design. Ease of use, ease of maintenance and smooth operation are the main features of this machine. Robust and precise assembly makes this machine an ideal choice for packaging sachets of various sizes.The Multilane Sachet Bagger – 406mm can accommodate from 2 to 4 lanes to form sachet pouches. This sachet bagging machine can be used for packaging a wide variety of products like powders, particulate materials, coffee, drink mixes, liquids or gels and more. See all markets. Download our Multilane Sachet Bagger – 406mm brochure customized for Auger Fillers (Powders), Piston Fillers (Liquids) or Volumetric Fillers (Granulars).

Speed up to 30-40 cycles/min.  |  SACHET width: 2″ max.  |  Bag length: 12″ max. 

Multilane Sachet Bagger 406mm​
Multilane Sachet Bagger 406mm​

Bag style possibilities with this machine. Click on a desired bag style to learn more.

4 Side Seal Sachet

 Multilane Sachet Bagger 406mm​

  • 16 inch maximum web width, up to 4 lane configurations on a 2 inch wide sachet pack
  • 10" HMI Touch Screen
  • Packs up to 2” wide x 12” long sachets
  • Packs up to 160 sachets per minute depending on the # of lanes
  • #304 Stainless-Steel heavy-duty frame construction with corrosion resistant polish
  • Intermittent motion film pull and seal function by Horizontal Jaws
  • Pneumatic horizontal Seal and Cut motion
  • Compatible with various Inline Thermal Printers
  • Off the shelf non proprietary electrical and pneumatic components

Standard technical data

Multilane Sachet Bagger - 406mm

Max. web width


Machine height

2108mm / 83”

Machine width

1473mm / 58”

Machine length

1651mm / 65”

Horizontal jaw activation


Film Drive

Servo motor

Slitting Knives


Electronic control

Omron PLC

Human machine interface

Touch Panel

Electrical power supply

AC three phase - 220V/60 Hz

Power consumption

4.0 KW

Compressed air volume

20 CFM

Air pressure

80 psi Motorized


  • Take away conveyor
  • Lazy Susan bag collector
  • Heated hopper mixing system
  • Compatible with various Inline Thermal Printers

At Unified Flex we believe in empowering our customers. We use non-proprietary off the shelf parts on all our machines. Click on the link below to find out more.

Multilane Sachet Bagger 406mm​

At Unified Flex we believe service is equally important as manufacturing high-quality equipment. We offer a wide variety of pre-delivery and post-delivery services.  Click on the link below to find out more.

Multilane Sachet Bagger 406mm​


To learn more, click on desired markets below.

Multilane Sachet Bagger 406mm​ Multilane Sachet Bagger 406mm​ Multilane Sachet Bagger 406mm​ Multilane Sachet Bagger 406mm​


To learn more, click on the images below.

Multilane Sachet Bagger 406mm​ Multilane Sachet Bagger 406mm​ Multilane Sachet Bagger 406mm​


Simple, Robust & Precise machines

Off the shell non proprietary parts

Turn-Key solutions

Manufactured in Canada

Installation & On going support

Automated bagger Specialists

Bagger experience & specialists

Quick return on the investment

Packaging film solution


We’ve been working with Al Aman and his team at Unified Flex for approximately 5 years. Unified Flex worked on all aspects of our needs to make our process better. They were willing to do what we needed to get done and delivered exactly what we wanted. Not only did Unified Flex provide us with the most economical options, they also provided an exceptional service level that we couldn’t have asked for any better. The best part was, that we got the best bang-for-our-buck. We know we could have spent many times more than what we did.  

Gaylan Little, Manager
Sqwincher Corporation
Rating: 5

I count it a privilege to be working with Unified Flex on this project. Gleanings needs you! I need a partner who understands packaging machinery and can work with me by putting our combined knowledge together and come up with the best machine for Gleanings.

Al Gove
Gleanings for the Hungry
Rating: 5

From Farm to Table has an excellent partner-relationship with Unified Flex. We bought our bagging system 10 years ago and have enjoyed working with their team ever since. With the addition of flexible packaging products, Unified Flex has really helped us improve the shelf impact of our packaging. The consistency and quality of their flexible packaging products have been excellent. Unified Flex truly offers complete solutions for flexible packaging design, materials, equipment and technical support. We are more than satisfied with our on-going partnership with Unified Flex and will continue to use them for our packaging needs.

Becky Smollett
From Farm to Table
Rating: 5
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