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How To Get The Right Packaging Pouch For Your Products

How To Get The Right Packaging Pouch For Your Products

The benefits of custom printed preformed pouches.

Research shows well-developed packaging helps brands achieve higher success in sales and growth than ordinary. Custom printed preformed pouches help your brand succeed through packaging. For greatest success, preformed pouches need to reflect the unique character of your product and your brand. It is also extremely important to maintain product freshness with shelf life longevity.

With so many options, how do you decide which pouch supplier to choose?

A good pouch supplier will be able to provide a plethora of preformed pouch styles and sizes and will be able to configure the most appropriate pouch for your product in terms of shelf appeal, material structure, barrier properties, cost, and resealable features.

Package Engineering

Companies who offer Package Engineering are more in tune with your product’s unique characteristics, including the size, shape and material composition suitable for desired results. The best pouch suppliers are typically well-established packaging equipment manufacturers who focus on Packaging Engineering so that they can determine packaging material compatibility with the filling equipment.

Package Design

Consumers buy based on the visual and physical attraction of the packaging, therefore having expert creative in-house graphic designers capable of great design that appeals to what motivates your buyers, is extremely important. They must also be capable of assisting with all elements of pre-press printing processes.

Consider your premade pouch options

• Printing consistency with up to 10 color Rotogravure printing
• Glossy, matte and UV finish coatings
• Types of material structures available
• Resealable closure options with zipper, tear away zippers and velcro
• Micro-perforated pouches for breathing properties
• Clear, opaque and metalized structures
• High barrier double and triple laminations

In closing

Choosing the right premade pouch, and the right packaging specialists to work with your company through every stage of pouch development is as important as your product itself. You should expect your premade pouch supplier to:
• Provide on-trend style and size options.
• Configure the most appropriate pouch for shelf appeal, material structure, barrier properties, resealable properties, and cost.
• Offer Package Engineering.
• Offer custom package design and printing.
• Have vast experience with coatings, barrier properties, material structure, laminations, and sealable closure options.

custom printed preformed pouches
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