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DIY Print & Pack


Do-it-Yourself, Print & Packaging Solutions


Unified Flex has partnered with SIHL ARTYSIO PACKAGING and AFINIA LABEL to offer you this complete ‘Do It Yourself’ Packaging Solution called the AUTO-POUCH SYSTEM. The film-to-pouch assembly enables you to produce, as quickly as possible, individualized flexible packaging pouches according to your requirements. Completely in-house, you print and pack as much, or as little as you require. Easy as    1 – FILM    2 – PRINT    3 – PACK.

1. Start with Quality Film

With the brand ARTYSIO, Sihl presents an innovative production of packaging film for digital inkjet printing. Enabling you to produce, as quickly as possible, flexible, individualized packaging according to your requirements. Sihl has developed a unique solution that enables a sustainable, plastic-based material to be combined with the high quality, environmentally friendly, aqueous inkjet printing. The backing layer meets the requirements for barrier properties, excellent touch and feel, superior printability, compatible with Unified Flex’s packaging equipment, seal ability and user friendliness with “easy tear” properties.

• Ideal packaging solution for smaller quantities and multiple print designs
• Individualized print designs; for any size print runs without incurring additional print costs
• Flexibility to print smaller runs for special occasions or custom orders
• Fastest time to market with inhouse printing
• Goods ready for sale within minutes – 100 times less set up effort compared to analog printing processes
• No storage of pre-printed packaging necessary
• Significantly lower capital commitment compared to traditionally printed packaging
• Zero tooling and plate costs

Sihl has 6 Films to choose from, each with varying structure properties, coloring, barrier levels, flex crack resistance and more.

DIY Print & Pack

To see the full list of films and properties, click below to download the full guide.

DIY Print & Pack

To download and view the complete specifications brochure, click the button below.

2. Print and Laminate

The new Afinia FP-230 Flex Pack Press has revolutionized packaging roll production. Impressively compact and easy to operate, the FP-230 lets you create your own high-quality, full-color flexible packaging with ease. Ideal for small to medium runs and high levels of varying data or design, the FP-230 is a groundbreaking solution that opens the door to endless opportunities. All on-site, all on-demand.

• Exceptional 1600dpi resolution
• EU & FDA food compliant
• Production speed up to 18m/min
• Easy variable data
• No minimum order quantities

The FP-230 utilizes the L901 Plus printer to produce vibrant, full-color prints on rolls up to 230mm (9″) wide with a maximum speed of 18 m/min (60’/min). Variable data and color matching are handled with ease by the optional Northstar RIP.
The water-based inks have been approved for food packaging when combined with the in-line cold lamination, with your finished roll trimmed to the perfect width using the two rotary knives.

3. Pack Your Own Product

The AP140 Auto Pouch bagger is designed to be a modular and flexible automatic vertical form fill seal machine. The only machine in the market that can pack pillow packs, 3 side seal bags 4 side seal bags with tooling change over.
AP-140 can be used to package solid , granular , powders and liquid products. Handshake with conventional filling machines like auger fillers, piston fillers, volumetric cup fillers and weigh scales is easy and quick.
AP- 140 is designed for the novice user in mind. Its simple to setup , adjust and start packaging. AP 140 is designed to work with the SIHL film printed with Afinia FP-230 printer.

• Ability to pack Pillow Pack , 3 side seal bags, 4 side seal bags
• Packs up to 6-inch-wide x 9” long bags
• Packs up to 30 pouches per minute
• Rotatable Horizontal Seal Jaws
• Eye mark registration
• Ability to handshake with auger, piston and volumetric fillers
• CSA approved
• Stainless Steel contact parts

Designed specifically for the narrow web, entry-level packager, Unified Flex presents the AP140 Auto Pouch Bagger.
This reliable, easy to operate vertical form fill seal bagger is perfect for “on-demand” and “R&D – prototype” packaging.

DIY Print & Pack

To read more, click on the link below to download the Brochure.

The Auto-Pouch System is an easy-to-use package creation line of equipment that you will love in your facility. Print full color film rolls up to 9” in width, laminate it at the same time. Transfer your roll to the AP140 bagger to pack your product into a high quality SIHL film pouch. Easy, fast and as many or few impressions as you need. Watch the system in action on the video to the right and click below for a No-obligation consultation and quote.


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