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Buying a Vertical Form Fill and Seal Machine From An OffShore Company Versus Buying from a North American Manufacturer

Vertical Form Fill and Seal Machine

Buying a Vertical Form Fill and Seal Machine can be a daunting endeavor, especially for a first-time packager. Many first-time packagers take to the Web to do their research and that is when they may stumble upon offshore companies who sell machines at what seems like a fraction of the price than North American manufacturers. And while it is easy to fixate on the price tag alone, there are other key considerations to understand before you make your purchase.

• Pre-Sales Consultation: Does the manufacturer fully understand the scope of your needs so that they can provide accurate recommendations?
• Installation and Setup: Will the manufacturer come onsite to install and set up the machine, and are they capable of adjusting the machine if customization is required?
• SAT and FAT: Does the manufacturer provide Factory Acceptance Testing of your product in the machine prior to delivery and Site Acceptance Testing once the machine has been delivered, to ensure that your solution is performing at its optimal level?
• Quality: The quality of manufacturing is very important to your bottom line. Any misalignment or non-functional parts can cause start-up issues or machine failure. Does the quality of the machine and parts adhere to the standards of the country that you are packing your product in?
• Compatibility: The compatibility between your product, the packaging machinery and the packaging film you use is imperative for the success of your final product.
• Parts: There are about 250 parts in every packaging machine. In the event of a failure, what is the lead time to get the replacement part you need?
• Service and Support: Will time difference and a language barrier impede your production line?
• Warranty: Can the warranty terms be carried out quickly and efficiently?
• Training: Ensuring your operators know how to maintain and troubleshoot the machine, is essential in the ongoing effectiveness of your system. How will your operators be trained?
• Duties, Tariffs, and Delivery Charges: How do these affect your bottom line price? After customs, delivery charges, currency conversions, and the new 25% tariff if you are importing Chinese machines into the US, can mean the good deal you thought you had, has morphed into a much higher price than originally anticipated.
• Price: To the experienced packager, buying from an offshore supplier is simply not worth considering. There are far too many risks. However, to the first-time buyer, it may seem like buying from an offshore company is the way to go, especially when looking at it from just a price perspective. Just because the prices appear cheaper, doesn’t mean they will be when all is said and done. When it comes to price, the adage holds true, if it looks too good to be true, it probably is. As a buyer, you should be fully aware of what you are getting into. No matter how tempting the lower prices may seem, just remember to take everything into consideration.

So why do packagers prefer to buy from Unified Flex Packaging Technologies?

• All our bagging machines are manufactured in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada.
• We are a one-stop-shop for packaging machinery, materials, and services.
• We are a small company and give you one-on-one attention. We focus on making sure your project is successful meeting all your objectives.
• We can design and build around your budget and needs.
• The design of our machines is in line with our company policy – simple and robust.
• We have an Economy line and a Premium line.
• We validate for quality.
• We are certified for safety – CSA.
• Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) We test your products in your machine on our factory floor prior to delivering.
• Site Acceptance Testing (SAT) Once the equipment is delivered we test the machine in your environment with your product and with your people to ensure that the machine is performing at its optimal level.
• We provide instant support by phone, or by video calls such as Skype, Facetime, WhatsApp, WeChat.
• We ensure we train our customers for the usage of the machine and support them through the learning curve.
• We have a backup of programs and software.
• We use off-the-shelf nonproprietary parts which means you can purchase spare parts of our machines from our vendors.
• We stock all wear and tear parts in house for immediate delivery.

Unified Flex Packaging Technologies is your One-Stop-Shop for Flexible Packaging. We provide end-to-end expertise for converting a packaging challenge into reality. Guiding our customers each step of the way from the conception of an idea to help to provide a successful bagging solution including packaging design, packaging equipment, packaging materials, and technical support. Contact us for your next packaging solution. 1-866-369-4181 x1

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