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The modern business landscape demands great efficiencies and high productivity levels to stay ahead of the competition, and VFFS (Vertical Form Fill Seal) machines are built to serve this purpose. These are packaging machines that enable your business to meet the ever-growing market demand by:

  • Reducing packaging times
  • Increasing units produced per minute
  • Reducing cost per unit
  • Saving package production space

Modern VFFS packaging machinery can seal pack up to 180 bags per minute, allowing your products to reach market shelves without delay. The fact that these VFFS machines can produce custom bag types and sizes further adds to their utility.
Curious about knowing more? Here is a list of topics we have covered in this article reading these will help you get a better understanding of packaging machines.

  • VFFS Explained
  • 10-step VFFS Process
  • Benefits of VFFS packaging machines
  • Types of VFFS machines


VFFS stands for (Vertical Form Fill and Seal). These are compact filling & packaging machines capable of producing unique packaging solutions at highly economical costs and at an unprecedented rate (units produced per minute). Not only do VFFS machines pack your products but they make the bags in the process using rollstock and printed film. The global packaging industry is now moving towards these packaging machines to add greater efficiencies to their packaging processes.

10-step VFFS Process

The VFFS process is extremely swift and simple. It goes through the following steps multiple times in a second to produce top-quality packaging.

  • Rollstock that is loaded on to the mandrel is unrolled and travels through the carriage assembly. Different machines have different ways of transporting this film across the machine.
  • The dancer arm in the machine moves up and down to maintain tension as the film is being feed through the machine .
  • The film is then inscribed with lot codes and an expiration date as it passes through the printer installed within the machine.
  • An eye mark is picked up through a sensor which then positions the film correctly to ensure precision cuts at the right areas.
  • A film tracking sensor confirms the film’s position. In case the film is not properly aligned, an actuator can rearrange it.
  • The film is then feed around the forming collar and the vertical seal is created. Sealing the film to either a lap seal or fin seal.
  • The width of the pouch is determined by the width of the forming collar. The length can be easily adjusted at any time to provide longer or shorter pouches. Intermittent motion machines have small pauses after every cycle. 
  • The pouch is almost complete, with its top open to be filled with product.
  • During the last stage, the pouch then gets its final top horizontal seal and is separated, creating the finished pouch and completing the process of the VFFS machine.

Benefits Of VFFS Packaging Machines

Different VFFS machines come with unique specifications to meet your particular business needs. Ranging in output speed & packaging dimensions thee machines ensure consistency in your packaging.

VFFS machinery also benefits you in several other ways:

  • The per-unit cost of the package reduces due to economies of scale
  • The rate of production increases, improving business efficiency
  • The entire VFFS process is automated, thereby removing the risk of human error.
  • VFFS machinery have very small footprints that saves floor space.
  • The packages are consistent in quality, shape, seal, and size.
  • VFFS machines are highly durable & very robust.

In a nutshell, utilizing one of Unified Flex Packaging Technologies VFFS packaging machines will give your business a leading edge in the market.

Types of VFFS Machines:

  • Unified Flex is among the leading Vertical Form Fill Seal machine manufacturers across the globe. We offer multiple types of VFFS machinery that’s suitable for start ups all the way up to high output commercial operations, each of which is designed to fit your business’s packaging needs. Our VFFS machines are divided into five segments:

Considering to Purchase a VFFS packaging machine?

Procuring for a new vertical form fill seal packaging machine doesn’t have to be complicated. Speak to one of our packaging experts today to get a free consultation. Call: 1-866-369-4181

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