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Unified Flex Awarded 2022 Business of the Year

business excellence award

In May of 2022, Unified Flex Packaging Technologies has been awarded 2022 Business of the Year by
Cambridge Chamber of Commerce. After two years of being held virtually, this year’s in-person event
brought out around 300 people to celebrate the 11 local businesses receiving awards in the 2022
Business Excellence Awards.


Unified Flex Packaging Technologies was awarded 2022 Business of the Year: 11-49 employees for
being an exceptional corporate citizen and growing as a top-of-the-line VFFS packaging machine

business excellence award


Unified Flex Packaging Technologies understands the responsibilities we have toward society and the
effect of our impact. Our goal as a corporate citizen is to produce higher standards of living and
quality of life for the communities that surround us whilst becoming businesses’ preferred VFFS
packaging machine manufacturer. We understand that the future is in the hands of our youth, which
is why we recruit fresh graduates from local colleges, universities, and high schools. Not only that but
we currently employ 20 local employees with plans for hiring additional employees in 2022 and
solidifying our place as a leading VFFS packaging machine manufacturer.

business excellence award


Unified Flex is engaged in the specialized field of developing cutting edge packaging machines &
technologies for our customer base, and this requires us to constantly work on the skill development
of our young workers. Not only do we hire locally we also buy locally. We procure components from
local vendors and contribute to the local business ecosystem to nourish a sustainable business
environment of growth.

business excellence award


Our forward vision has enabled us to adopt technologies that produce top of the line packaging machines which are second to none. Automation is currently going through a fourth technological revolution which entails the growing use of artificial intelligence that enables VFFS packaging machine manufacturers to produce smart packaging machines. Our Industry 4.0 compatible machines compromise neither on the components nor the skills of our workers who build them making us one of the leading VFFS packaging machine manufacturers.

business excellence award


Though growth is a goal we strive for at Unified Flex Packaging Technologies, we believe it comes with its fair share of responsibility. Sustainable growth entails that we go about our business while at the same time reduce its impact on the environment. We manufacture energy efficient machines that reduce their operational carbon footprint. At the same time, we develop recyclable packaging films that help our customers transition into green materials that amplify our collective effort multiple fold towards a greener future.

Business Excellence Award


We have identified a market gap for packaging machines where the customers depend on their equipment providers for spare parts. Unified Flex Packaging Technologies bridges this gap by incorporating the use of local non-proprietary parts to build our machines. This ensures easy availability & minimum down time of their equipment, empowering the customer and their production lines.

Business Excellence Award


If for any reason our customers require support, our dedicated online customer service portal is easily accessible to attend to their needs. Our portal is equipped with customer request ticketing that ensures any support request from all our customers is attended. It also acts as a knowledge base for our customers, providing them with any documents they are required to keep their machines up and running from bill of materials to instruction manuals and video-based machine operating tutorials.

business excellence award
Business Excellence Award

Unified Flex would like to thank all our customers, employees, vendors, advisors, and financial partners who helped us in our journey over the past 15 years, establishing us as a leading VFFS packaging machine manufacturer. We plan to grow rapidly in the next few years while continuing to make a positive impact on our community and environment

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