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about us

At Unified Flex, we don't make customers, we make PARTNERS.

About Us at Unified Flex Packaging Technologies

Our Philosophy:

Through out our manufacturing process of design, engineering, fabrication, assembly and testing we keep our 4 principles a priority…

Keep it SIMPLE

  • User friendly
  • Ease of service
  • Assessable layout
  • Modular design for upgrades

Make it ROBUST

  • Simplicity complimented by strength
  • Highest quality materials and components
  • Industry leading OEM parts
  • Vibration and stress tested
  • Long lasting electrical controls, pneumatic systems and motion components

Build it PRECISE

  • Advanced engineering principles guiding the build
  • Tight tolerances in assemblies
  • Highest quality controlled fitting and assembling
  • All components tested for precision manufacturing
  • CSA, ESA and UL electrical safety standards compliant

Empower our PARTNERS

  • Startup and commissioning
  • Hastle free integration
  • Expert support service team
  • Non-proprietary ‘off the shelf’ parts
  • Complete equipment training
  • Remore and onsite support available

Our Locations:

Unified Flex operates multiple sales
and service centers with a centralized
manufacturing facility.
This wide spread presence allows us to
serve our customers across North America
quickly and efficiently.

about us

Unified Flex provides Packaging Solutions for:

about us

Coffee Grounds and Beans

about us

Fresh Produce

about us

Liquids, Juices,
Sauces, Pastes,
Dressing & Water

about us

Chips, Popcorn,
Nuts & Snacks

about us

Pet Food

about us

Meal Kits

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